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Bible Free iPhone App

(free) is our pick for the best Bible app—free or paid—in the App Store. The app is chock full of features like 150+ versions of the bible, lesson plans to help you learn the Bible, audio playback (have the bible read to you!) and more. And everything is free, there are no in-app purchases. App Store reviewers seem to agree, as it averages 4.5 stars with over 300k reviewers.

Bible iPhone App

Bible App Translations

Bible is a free download in the iTunes App Store.

BibleReader Free

BibleReader Free (free) lets you bookmark favorite passages, keep notes within the app, quickly navigate to books and chapters, and a host of other features.

BibleReader Free is a free download from the iTunes App Store.

Mantis Bible Study

Mantis Study Bible for iPhone and iPod Touch

Mantis Bible Study (free) has the most features of any of the free bible apps and is our recommended pick. It comes with the full King James text, but other translations can be purchased online. There are extensive navigation controls to skip around quickly.

It has some interesting study tools, including text highlighting. It also has bookmarks, a search tool, landscape reading, and many other features.

iPhone and iPod Bible eBook Reader

Mantis Bible Study is a free download in the iTunes App Store.

Holy Bible

Holy Bible App

Holy Bible (free) offers easy offline reading and navigation of the bible. Its standout feature is that it supports several different languages, inlcuding English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Greek. There is quick navigation to different sections, landscape reading, and a search tool.

Holy Bible Navigation

Holy Bible is a free download in the iTunes App Store.

CCEL Devotional Bible

CCEL Devotional Bible

CCEL Devotional Bible (free) is also a very simple and straightforward bible reader. It features offline reading, search, 5 font-size settings, landscape mode, and bookmarking.

CCEL Bible for iPod and iPhone

CCEL Devotional Bible is a free download in the iTunes App Store.


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9 Responses

  1. mark anthony says:

    i like your bible but in third world country,my creadit card is not recorgnised in US,so i cant down load. please help

  2. timothy adesina says:

    Thank you , Sir

  3. mark anthony says:

    finaly i am happy to download for free.thanks,and God bless u for wonderful job. through this many will reach God.I’m happy

  4. T.J. says:


    I’d add to this awesome list two apps I really like, for different reasons: OliveTree, and I like OliveTree because of the number of features and depth of library, and the attention paid to the interface amidst all these features. is more of a “fit into your schedule” app because it lets you read or listen, and the quality of both is great (usually the audio isn’t spectacular). It also has audio in several languages which is cool for language lovers like me.


  5. Jon says:

    There are some wonderful Bible app resources out there. I have most of these on my iPhone 3Gs. I just tried out the app on my iPhone during a church service. Listening to the Bible as I follow along in Scripture adds another dimension. It’s fresh and new again. I need that because I read alot (really skim) and this draws me in and let’s my mind imagine the setting.

  6. Effie Davda says:

    Great blog, thanks. Been attempting to lose weight with the Cambridge diet these past few months and it’s going amazingly well. Will try and update soon to let you guys know how it’s going, so far I’ve lost 20 pounds in 4 months!

  7. Gozie says:

    Anyone know how to download a free bible app without registering on itunes and all that..

  8. Gozie says:

    Can anyone provide me a with a free itunes account I could use to download free apps…. pls..

  9. John arthur says:

    To improve upon my studing.

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