The Best Verizon iPhone 4 Cases, Reviewed (CDMA)

There are still few iPhone cases available that are compatible with the Verizon version of the iPhone 4. The cases below are all recommended cases that we’ve reviewed and which are compatible with the Verizon iPhone 4. We’ll keep adding more recommended Verizon cases as they are released. Be sure to check out our Best iPhone 4 cases reviews as well.

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The Otterbox Defender ($35) is a multi-layer case that combines a hard-plastic interior, silicone rubber exterior, and clear-plastic front screen to offer the most protection we’ve seen in a case. It’s the best designed case we’ve seen, and allows you to use all to functions of the iPhone as normal. Otterbox recently updated the Defender to create a “universal” version that will fit both the Verizon (CDMA) and AT&T (GSM) iPhone 4. The downsides to the Defender are that it increases the bulk of the phone and makes accessing some of the iPhone’s ports less convenient. Still, if you’re interested in the Defender, it’s toward the purpose of optimum protection, and the case is the best for that we’ve seen. Full review and photos.


The >Case-Mate Pop! ($25) is a dual-layer case that combines hard plastic with silicone rubber to offer the best of both worlds. The case is lightweight and slim while still offering solid protection. It has a few minor flawsin the form of a hard-to-access ringer switch and a scratchable glossy surface (the scratches weren’t too noticeable in our testing). Overall, the Pop! is an excellent case we can highly recommend. It’s compatible with the CDMA (Verizon) and GSM (AT&T) iPhone 4. Full review and photos.


The Speck Fitted ($20) is a stylish hard-plastic case that combines superb protection (thanks to a thicker form factor) with a fashionable cloth-covered back featuring an attractive plaid pattern. Available in 7 colors. The case has a minor flaw in that the sleep button is more difficult to press in the case. Overall, the Speck Fitted is a well-designed combination of function and style. Compatible with both Verizon and AT&T iPhones. Full review and photos.


The <ZeroChroma Teatro ($45) is the best case/stand combo we’ve come across. The stand rotates so that it can hold the iPhone in both portrait and landscape. When not in use, the stand lays perfectly flat and out of the way. The case has a svelte profile and stylish lines. Its only flaw is a thin profile that does not offer up much in the way of shock absoprtion. Overall, a highly-functional case that justifies its expensive price tag. Compatible with both Verizon and AT&T iPhones. Full review and photos.


The Case-Mate Vroom ($10) is an inexpensive silicone rubber case with a tire-tread pattern on its back. A solid all-around case, the Vroom offers good shock absorption for accidental drops, a good fit, and excellent accessibility to all the iPhone ports. Compatible with both the Verizon and AT&T iPhones. Full review and photos.


The Monaco Flip Style Case ($25) features a flip cover that offers privacy for your iPhone’s screen when not in use. The Monaco offers excellent protection via its thick form factor. A negative side effect of the bulk is less pocketability. Made of quality materials, the Monaco is a well-designed case, made of quality materials with a professional look. Full review and photos.


The iChair ($25) is a case that includes a flip-out stand capable of supporting the iPhone in landscape and portrait orientations. The iChair offers excellent protection, which is rare for a hard-plastic case. We found it an all-around well-designed case, with only minor flaws in the form of a hard-to-press sleep button and limited angles for the stand (one each for portait and landscape). Compatible with Verizon and AT&T iPhones. Full review and photos.


The Scosche Kickback ($25) is a two-layer case combined with a stand that can hold the iPhone up in landscape orientation only. It’s an overall well-designed case that offers solid protection and good accessibility to all of the iPhone’s ports and buttons. The only minor flaws are that the stand offers a single viewing angle, and case’s rubber layer is thin, limiting its shock absorption. Full review and photos.


The Splash Cruiser Slim-Fit ($15) is a thin hard-plastic case with a slide-off bottom perfect for use with iPhone docks. The case has a special coating on its surface that gives the hard plastic a soft feel. The case features a few minor flaws: a thin profile means little shock absoprtion and a few of the iPhone’s buttons become more difficult to press while in the case. Overall, a nice-looking case. Compatible with both the Verizon and AT&T iPhones. Full review and photos.


The iLuv Fusion ($15) is an attractive hard-plastic case with a functional stand that can hold up the iPhone in both portrait and landscape orientations. The case also offers better-than-average protection compared with most hard cases. The Fusion’s major flaw is that the stand’s hinge makes the iPhone wobble when rested on flat surfaces. If you’re willing to live with the minor annoyance, the Fusion is an overall nice, inexpensive case with high functionality. Compatible with both the Verizon and AT&T iPhones. Full review and photos.

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