AT&T Wireless Prepping Staff for iPhone 5 Launch in September?

BGR is reporting today that AT&T has begun communicating internally to employees its plans for the release of Apple’s iPhone 5 in early September. According to the report, AT&T has asked its managers to promptly finish employee training in the upcoming weeks so that they will be prepared for an “influx of foot traffic expected in September.”

BGR has a proven track record when it comes to inside info from US mobile carriers.

Other recent reports have indicated that Apple is staffing up for an important event in mid August to late September as well. Earlier this month, Apple posted job listings on the UK site Reed looking for iPhone sales specialists. Training for that job is to begin on Aug 9. Website MacRumors recently reported that Apple stores in the US are also staffing up by asking former employees to “return as part time employees for Holidays, new Product Launches and Back to School time.”

AT&T’s own internal plans may have been set in motion after they completed field testing of a pre-production version of the iPhone 5 for use on their own network. Last week, Chip Hazard reported that AT&T’s mobility division had received an early version of the iPhone 5 for network-compatibility testing. Wireless companies typically must test and approve a new handset before it can sold for use on its own network. The Verizon iPhone 4 went through similar testing.


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