Soccer Superstars 2011 iPhone Game Now Available for Free

Soccer Superstars 2011 iPhone Game

Developer Gamevil has released a free full version of their Soccer Superstars 2011 game into the App Store. It’s an excellent soccer game similar in style to their beloved Baseball Superstars games.

Soccer Superstars 2011 is a full-featured soccer game with 6 modes of play, including Exhibition, My League, Season, Cup, Dramatic, and Match Mode. There is extensive gameplay tweaking, including the ability to create teams and players and upgrade player skills over time. There’s also a fun cartoon element with superplayers and superskills.

Like many app developers these days, Gamevil is introducing the freemium business model to many of their games, as they’ve done here with Soccer Superstars. The company sells “G-Points” via in-app purchases that can help upgrade your teams and players. There are also alternative ways to earn G-points without purchasing them via the App Store. Gamevil has introduced similar models in their free but full versions of Zenonia 3 and Baseball Superstars 2011. Again, you don’t need to buy the points to experience the full game.

Gamevil’s motivation for offering free full versions of their games most likely derives from a recent study that showed freemium iPhone games are making more money than paid games in the App Store.

Despite a few minor bugs in the game’s tutorial, this is a great soccer game, especially for the price of zero.


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