Introducing the Apple Desk Phone Concept

Apple may have changed the world of mobile phones, but it hasn’t done a thing for the desk phone…yet. Millions of people like me still have a desk phone at work, waiting for some of that Apple magic to revolutionize it. Right now, it’s only good for phone calls and voice mail, but think of the possibilities with apps.

Who wouldn’t want the convenience of visual voice-mail at their fingertips? A few taps to glance through email. Alerts popping up and organized in iOS 5’s notification drawer. Oh, and text messages are free to fellow Apple Desk Phone users as well as the iPhone and iPad.

Yes, powered by iOS and using the same inexpensive mobile CPU as the iPhone, an Apple Desk Phone could save companies millions of dollars by replacing those expensive Windows desktop computers and Apple iPads.

You can see Apple’s first teaser commercial for the product below:


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