Cool iPhone App Lets You View the Current Temperature on the Home Screen (Without Jailbreak!)

It’s amazing how app developers figure out clever ways around the iPhone’s limitations. For example, have you ever wanted to view the current temperature on your home screen? Sure, with iOS 5, you can use the new weather widget in Notification Center, but here’s an app that will save you a step, and it’s in the App Store (no jailbreak needed). It’s called Fahrenheit (free or $0.99).

Fahrenheit uses badges (those little red circles that appear on app icons) to show the current temperature, and it uses push notifications to keep the temperature up-to-date.

The free version comes with a limited “trial period” for push notifications that keep the temperature updated. But if you like the app, the 99-cent version removes the trial period and adds more features like 10-day forecasts, turning it into a nice little weather app. You can find in-depth reviews at Macworld or TUAW, but I can confirm that it works like a charm.

There’s also a Celsius version for the enlightened ones on the metric system.


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