The 9 Most Useful iPhone/iPad Links of the Week

1. The New Launch Center Pro App, Explained (Video)

There’s been much ado about the new Launch Center Pro app ($2.99), too bad it’s hard to understand just what exactly the app does or how you’ll benefit. App Advice’s lovable pixie Robin Rhys put together this nice video showing some nice examples of how to set it up and use it to save yourself some time (in a nutshell, it saves you lots of taps over time). I’m still not sure I’m sold, but it does seem like something Apple should build into the iPhone.

Here’s Robin’s tutorial video:

2. How to Properly Clean Your iPhone/iPad

Allyson Kazmucha of iMore tells you how to properly clean the screen, reiterating Apple’s own advice in saying to use a microfiber cloth or other gentle, non-abrasive material in order to protect the oleophobic coating. Never spray liquids directly onto the iPhone itself, and avoid liquids with ammonia, alcohol, or bleach.

3. The Best Browsers for the iPhone and iPad

Thorin Klosowski of LifeHacker compares 4 browser apps: Safari, Chrome, Dolphin, and Atomic. Safari wins by default (pun intended), but Thorin’s surprise pick is Atomic, which is by the far the most powerful browser app with the most options (even though it’s a little on the ugly side.) Atomic has Ad block, Dropbox support, ability to download files, easy switching to private browsing, etc. Atomic comes in a free version and a $1 verison.

4. Cool New App: Weather Neue, a Free, Minimalist Weather App

There have been a lot of interesting weather apps the past few weeks. This week’s is a free one. Aldrin Calimlim over at AppAdvice takes a brief look at Weather Neue (free), a minimalist weather app that I think would look great running on an old iPhone doubling as a desktop clock. Last week, there was the beautiful WTHR app ($0.99), similar in its stark beauty.

5. Waze Is Blowing Up!

Waze (free) is a great little app, and I’m so glad to hear it’s becoming more popular (it’s grown from 10 million to 20 million users in 6 months!) and thus more useful. It’s a free navigation and traffic app that relies on its users to supply useful info like traffic jams, speed cams, etc. It even recently added user-reported gas prices and gas discounts. Even Apple has taken notice, as it’s reportedly using some of Waze’s data in its upcoming Maps app refresh. Such a fun little app, just remember to keep your eyes on the road.

6. Five iPhone Apps for Better Photos and Video

Nina Frazier of Mashable has some good suggestions for iPhone camera apps. I admit sticking to the plain old Camera app when I really should teach myself to use one of these more powerful alternatives.

7. Free App Alert! 30/30, a Productivity App

30/30 (free) is a cool timer/productivity app with an incredibly easy-to-use interface. With a few taps, set up a list of timers like works like this: work 30 minutes, take a break for 10, back to work for 15, then yoga for 20. The app will alert you for each step and keep you on track. Perfect for anyone who tends to get lost in activities when they really should take a break. There are many alternative uses I can think of for the app, too, like using the multiple timers for cooking.

8. Pandora Is No Longer an Eyesore

Pandora has always been an eyesore in both its web and app versions. The most recent update brought a fresh new look and these changes:

• Visual refresh and design enhancements
• Full lyrics for the songs we play
• Artist biographies
• Detailed track features from the Music Genome Project
• Song history: rate, bookmark, or buy previously played tracks
• Explicit lyrics controls
• Start a new station directly from the Now Playing screen
• Simplified sign-in and registration screens
• Reduced battery usage

9. Check Out These Great New Free iPhone/iPad Games

With free iOS games being taken to the next level in quality, Nintendo’s Game Boy franchise really is dead. Check out the list below of recent new free games in the App Store. They are all freemium, but you don’t have to spend any money to play. The two new Temple Run clones are even better than the original (see the last 2 games on the list). Freemium maybe can’t support epic console-quality games, but it sure works for mobile.


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