Police Adding Their Own Speed Traps to Trapster iPhone App

Trapster.com is a free social website and iPhone app (link) that helps fellow users avoid speed traps, red light cameras, etc, by sharing their locations via Google maps. Trapster is a well-reviewed service, but there’s recently been an interesting addition to their community: the police. The Travis County Sheriff’s office in Austin, Texas, is now entering its own speed trap locations into Trapster’s database along with dangerous intersections, traffic jams, and accidents.

Police point out that the purpose of speed limits, speed traps, and speeding tickets is for driving safety, and they’re hoping that by giving the public this information, it will help drivers comply with the laws and be better informed about dangerous areas.

The police are being given special access to the Trapster’s database so they can enter in their locations with a touch of a button. Official police locations will be identified with special badges (seen below). Trapster’s owner and creator Pete Tenereillo has been personally meeting with Austin police to get the system set up:

“We’re setting them up as moderators so they can enter information. Everything from red light cameras and laser enforcement points to dangerous intersections- road closures,” said Tenereillo.

It’s unclear if the police’s role as “moderators” means they can also remove information.

Trapster is hoping to get more police deparments to sign on board to the service. If interested, police can contact Trapster at Partners@trapster.net.

Fox News 7 in Austin, Texas recently covered the story:

The Trapster iPhone app is a free download from the iTunes App Store.


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