DigiTimes: Next iPad To Be Called “iPad 2 Plus”?

You may have heard of Google+, the new social network and Facebook competitor from Google, but have you heard of the iPad 2+? Taiwanese website DigiTimes today reports that market sources indicate the next version of the iPad will be called the “iPad 2 Plus” and will be “thinner than its predecessors yet with upgraded display.” The sources also claim that Apple is looking for a second manufacturer to build the next iPad alongside already selected Foxconn. Taiwanese-based Pegatron is dubbed as the most likely.

Rumors have picked up recently about Apple releasing the next iPad as early as this fall, but with the iPad 2 released just a few months ago in March, some believe Apple will market the next iPad as a Pro version of the iPad 2 to avoid aggravating consumers who recently purchased the iPad 2. A premium, higher-priced iPad also could be a way to push the device into Apple’s economies-of-scale strategy that makes it easier to bringing cutting-edge tech to the mainstream by lowering prices over time.


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