Costs of AT&T & Verizon iPhone Data Plans Compared *Updated With Sprint*

*Updated 10-8-2011 With Sprint Pricing*

With Verizon putting an end to its unlimited iPhone data plan, the dust has finally settled enough on data-plan pricing for us to compare the costs of the two major carriers in US.

In terms of being the cheapest, AT&T wins hands down. Their lowest tier data plan costs $15 for 200 MB of data. In comparison, Verizon starts off at $30 for 2 GB. AT&T also offers the cheapest tethering plan, offering 4 GB of tethering as part of their $45 data plan. Verizon’s tethering starts at $50 for 2 GB, hardly a bargain. While AT&T may be the cheaper service, quality is a different matter. In any case, below is a chart showing data plan pricing for the two major carriers.

Price Data Overage
AT&T $15 200 MB Additional $15 for 200 MB
$25 2 GB Additional $10 for 1 GB
$45 4 GB Additional $10 for 1 GB
Tethering $45* 4 GB Additional $10 for 1 GB
Verizon $30 2 GB Additional $10 for 1 GB
$50 5 GB Additional $10 for 1 GB
$80 10 GB Additional $10 for 1 GB
Tethering +$20 2 GB Additional $10 for 1 GB
Sprint $70** Unlimited data and text messaging Not applicable

*AT&T’s tethering is included as part of their regular $45 plan. It cannot be purchased separately for other data plans.
**Sprint does not separate out its data plan pricing from its voice plans. Its minimum plan is $70 for 450 voice minutes, unlimited data, and unlimited text messaging.


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