iOS 6 Troubleshooting: iPhone/iPad Wi-Fi Not Connecting After Update? Turn Off Location Services

*Update* The problem involved an Apple server being down. When your iPhone connects to a Wi-Fi network, Apple checks a special site to confirm the Wi-Fi network is not behind a paywall. Despite there being numerous “solutions” like the one below, it appears that the problem simply resolves itself after a period of time. All I can say is the solution below worked instantly and permanently for me (and others), but it simply could have been a coincidence of timing.

iOS 6 Wi-fi not connecting on iPhone and iPad

After upgrading my iPad 3 to iOS 6, my iPad’s Wi-Fi connection stopped working. And a quick glance at Apple’s discussion boards reveals hundreds (maybe thousands) are having this problem as well. Here’s a closer look at the issue: my iPad would temporarily connect to my home Wi-Fi router for a few seconds, then a browser window would pop up and try to connect to, and then the connection would end. It appears there is some conflict with Location Services on the iPhone and iPad. I asked Siri how to fix it, but she was no help. But I eventually found the solution.

The Solution:

1. Go into Settings > Privacy (which is new in iOS 6) and slide Location Services to Off.

2. Connect your iPhone/iPad to the Wi-Fi network again (Settings > Wi-Fi)

3. Go back to Settings > Privacy and slide Location Services back to On

That solved the problem for me. Good luck!


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4 Responses

  1. Sambots says:

    I’m SO glad you posted this – thank you thank you thank you

  2. Derek says:

    Worked for about 20 seconds, down again.

  3. asdaa says:

    There are a whole range of problems… can’t be fixed so easily. I just have a paper weight now… Probably my very last Apple purchase.

  4. zenaide says:

    my problem is when I go to location service(it is ON)and I am directed to privacy/location services and here it is ‘matte’ it is on but as if there was a curtain,the colour is not vivid and every item is frozen.
    I am not able neither to ON what is OFF or vice verse.
    I’d live to hear how to get off this situation
    thank you very much ,

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