A Really Obvious But Important Tip About the New Apple EarPods

Apple EarPods Right and Left earbuds

The new Apple EarPods sound so much better than the previous Apple earphones. The bass really is thumping. But there’s something obvious you need to do to get the best sound out of them: the left earbud goes in the left ear, and the right earbud goes in the right ear.

I’m being serious.

You see, with the previous Apple earphones, it didn’t really matter much whether you put them in correctly. There was only the slightest difference in sound and comfort when they were flipped. Not so with the new EarPods.

The first time I tried the EarPods, I just plopped them in incorrectly, left/right, right/left. They sort of fit but sounded….just like the old Apple earphones, maybe slightly worse. But I had them in backwards, and upon reversing them…damn son, whomp whomp whomp!

Could this be the cause for some of the rare, seemingly hastily written mediocre reviews of the EarPods. I mean, they sound great, much better than the $10 MonoPrice earbuds that the WireCutter says are superior (which I happen to own and, no, they sound terrible. You can’t even move around while wearing the MonoPrices else they channel weird chaffing noises to the eartips. They have no 3-button dongle, either).

Anyway, the EarPods are solid at only $30.


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3 Responses

  1. Clive says:

    I put the new earbuds in and they fell out. I pushed them in harder. They sounded better but hurt my ears and quickly pushed themselves out anyway.

    Then, get this, I put the earbuds in backwards, the left in the right and the right in the left and they fit PERFECTLY. And sounded great.

    Only problem, of course, is that I’m getting the music backwards.

    My OCD is endlessly frustrated by wearing these things backwards. Anybody have a similar story.

    • Alan says:

      Sounds like you have earphone-challenged earlobes. If you have problems with earphones in general, I recommend checking out foam eartips. The foam expands after being inserted, kind of like foam earplugs

  2. André says:

    I wear mine backwards as well…
    Fit is much much better and the sound is pretty much the same .
    I also wear the foam pads for snug fit. Wearing all day every day and love them.

    I have klipsch earbuds that are top of the range and cost bloody heaps.
    I prefer Apple for sound quality and the fact that you don’t get the nasal echo that noise isolation earbuds cause.

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