An iPhone Tip for Mac Owners: How to Import iPhone Photos Without Using iPhoto

Image Capture Mac App

When importing photos from my iPhone to the Mac, I’ve found the default method—using iPhoto—to be slow and clunky. There is a better solution, however. It’s called Image Capture, and it’s built right into the Mac. Image Capture is a […]


The 6 Best News Aggregation iPhone Apps

Digg iPhone app

While single-source news apps like CNN and NYTimes are good, I personally like a lot of variety in my news. That’s why I use news apps that aggregate thousands of news sources and display what’s most interesting, entertaining, or important. […]


Review: Brownees, an iPhone App to Convert YouTube Videos Into “MP3s” for Offline Playback

Brownees iPhone app icon

You’ll never watch a YouTube video using the Brownees app for iPhone ($1.99), even though YouTube is the only site accessible in the app. That’s because Browness is focused solely on audio. The app “rips” audio from YouTube videos and […]


iPhone 5 Case Review: the Diztronic, a $12 Case That’s a Solid Value

Diztronic iPhone 5 Case

The affordable Diztronic ($12) is a bestselling case on Amazon.com that averages 4.5 stars from reviewers—but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great case. The Diztronic is a thin, lightweight, soft-plastic case that fits snugly around the iPhone 5 and […]


Review: McTube Pro, an App for Downloading YouTube Videos for Offline Viewing on the iPhone & iPad

McTube Pro YouTube client for iPhone and iPad icon

*UPDATE 5-15-2013* The video-caching feature of this app seemed too good to be true, and it was. The latest version of McTube Pro removes the cache video feature in McTube Pro per a request from Google. If you haven’t updated […]


A Review of One of Those Free Music Downloader iPhone Apps Currently Invading the App Store

iTunes File Sharing from iPhone 5

If you search the App Store using the terms Free Music Download, you’ll discover tons of suspicious looking apps all with similar names, whose interfaces all look the same, and which promise free music downloads. What really caught my eye […]


iPhone Tip: A Special Way to Enter Birthdays on the iPhone, and Its Benefits

Birthdays on the iPhone

Birthdays get special treatment on the iPhone. They have their own unique way for adding them to the calendar much different from other calendar events. And it’s done in the…Contacts app? Yep. This special method may take a little more […]


Tip: How to Quickly Add Your Favorite NFL Football Team’s Schedule to Your iPhone’s Calendar

NFL logo

Want to quickly and easily add your entire favorite NFL team’s schedule to your iPhone’s calendar? If you’re reading this on an iPhone or iPad, just find your favorite team in the list below, tap subscribe, then again tap subscribe […]


Preview: iPhone 5 Cases From Speck

Marware CEO Prestige Plus iPhone 5 Case

Speck CandyShell $34.95 The Speck Candyshell for iPhone 5 is glossy eye candy. It’s smooth nail-polish exterior will catch the eye, but it’s two-layer construction will catch the bumps and bruises destined for your iPhone 5. The CandyShell’s two layers […]


How to Turn On and Use Guided Access in an App (iPhone & iPad Basics)

Guided Access

Guided Access is a powerful new feature on the iPhone & iPad that essentially prevents users from quitting out of an app. Guided Access can also block off areas of the screen from registering touches, and prevent users from changing […]

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