Case Review: IvySkin Quattro T1 for iPhone 3G/3GS

Occasionally we come across an iPhone case where we wonder whether the manufacturer ever used their own product, or even an iPhone for that matter. The IvySkin Quattro T1 case ($20) for the iPhone 3G/3GS is such a case, for it suffers from a few baffling design flaws that make the case unusable, most notably how it completely covers the ringer switch, removing the ability to silence your phone.

The ringer switch is covered, removing its functionality.

The silicone case comes with another major annoyance in the form of two small clear pieces of plastic that you fit into grooves to cover up the iPhone’s earpiece and Apple logo on the back. It would seem their purpose is for protection, but why not mold them into the case? Instead, they fit loosely and constantly slide and fall out. It’s a boneheaded design.

Clear plastic pieces fit awkwardly and lost easily.

It’s the above flaws that make the Quattro T1 practically unusable, and that’s a shame, because the rest of the case is pretty good. With a few corrections, IvySkin could have had themselves a top-rated case. In particular, we liked the superior grip the case provides via a beaded texture. We also liked the thicker-than-normal silicone that provided excellent shock absorption.

In terms of the accessibility of the ports, the Quattro T1 uses plugs that are attached to the case that you must remove and replace each time you want to use your headphones or attach the USB cord. We never liked the plug approach, and we still don’t here.

In terms of use with docks, the case is too thick to fit into most except for universal docks. Else, you’re stuck with a USB plug.

The Quattro T1 comes with a clear plastic screen protector and is available in four different colors combinations, all with black trim.


The IvySkin Quattro ($20) suffers from several major design flaws that make the case practically unusable. The fact that it covers up the iPhone’s ringer switch, removing all of its functionality, is the biggest of them all. A shame too, because the build quality of the case is not too shabby. We rate it a 2.0 out of 10, not recommended.


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  1. James says:

    Ivyskin is a fraudulent company. They are given an F by the BBB and they have multiple bad reviews. I ordered a case from them and the glass was broken. They didn’t respond to my emails and they tried to get me to send more money for a replacement for a case that was shipped broken. The case was flimsy and cheap. Research them and you’ll see they have lots of similar complaints. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!

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