The 20 Best Games That Fill Out the iPhone 5’s Bigger Screen

Order and Chaos Online game for iPhone and iPad

1. Order & Chaos Online ($6.99) is the most popular massively multiplayer RPG on the iOS platform, and it beautifully fills out all 4-inches of the iPhone 5 screen. Not only that, but the iPhone 5’s LTE means you can […]


iPhone & iPad Basics: How to Use Flagged Emails and the New Flagged Inbox

Flagged Email on iPhone

The Flagged inbox is a new feature introduced in the iOS 6 software update that is useful as a way to sort important emails into one central place so you can find them easier. Flagged emails from different accounts all […]


iPhone Tip: How to Receive Notifications for Emails From VIP Contacts Only

iPhone Contacts app icon

Want to get a notification for only when a specific contact sends you an email? It’s now possible thanks to the VIP contacts feature in the Mail app. It’s easy to set up, just follow the step-by-step instructions below. 1. […]


A Complete List of iPhone Passbook Apps

Valpak Local Savings iPhone App

Starbucks (free) app lets you add your Starbucks Card to Passbook. With Passbook, you can pay for drinks and scan in your Starbucks Rewards account at the register. Starbucks is changing the rewards program on October 16, 2012, so no […]


Glitch Causing iPhone 5 to Ignore Wi-Fi Connections and Use Cellular Data Instead

Wi-Fi icon

You’ve heard about Apple Maps and Scuffgate, but the iPhone 5’s real problems so far have revolved around boring old Wi-Fi. Today it’s been confirmed that the Verizon iPhone 5 is suffering from a strange software glitch that is causing […]


iPhone Basics: How to Take a Panorama Photo Using the Camera App

iPhone Camera icon

The new panorama function in the iPhone’s Camera app is an incredibly useful feature that allows you to easily capture beautiful wide-shot vistas and landscapes. It’s a welcome addition to the Camera app, as previous to iOS 6, iPhone users […]


Want to Try Out Passbook? Target’s iPhone App Has Coupons (Review)

Start-up Screen on the Target iPhone App

If you want something…anything…to put in the new Passbook app, you can use the free Target app (link) to put something there. It has a weekly “mobile coupon” that will sit in Passbook. Because Passbook is not very intuitive to […]


iPhone Tip: How to Check Monthly Data Usage for Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint By Dialing a Number

Data usage iPhone text-message from AT&T WIreless

Now that the iPhone has LTE, your monthly data cap can be used up much, much quicker. It’s now more important than ever to be able to track exactly how much data you’ve used up so far during the month. […]


Fandango iPhone App Gets Passbook Support, But Few Theaters Currently Support it

Fandango iPhone app icon

The Fandango iPhone app (free) has been updated for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 to support the new Passbook feature. Passbook will allow movie theaters to scan a barcode displayed on your iPhone’s screen to confirm your ticket purchase. […]


Controversial Scratch Test Video Shows iPhone 5 Holds Up Well Against Some Materials

Controversial Scratch Test Video Shows iPhone 5 Holds Up Well Against Some Materials

A controversial video made by a forum poster over at MacRumors.com seems to indicate that the black iPhone 5 may not be quite as scratch prone as other recent tests have indicated. The “controversial” video—controversial because it was done in […]

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