The 5 Best iPad Pinball Apps

Zen Pinball for iOS icon

Pinball is one of the best genre of games to play on the iPad. The style fits perfectly on the iPad’s touchscreen—there are no complicated controls, just tap on either side of the screen to use the flippers. The shape […]


iPhone Basics: the iPhone Alarm Clock’s Snooze Button(s)

iPhone clock app

The iPhone’s default Clock app has an alarm clock feature that many people, including me, use to wake them up in the morning. And like most alarm clocks, it has a snooze feature. When snooze is activated, it will delay […]


iPhone/iPad App Tip: Pandora Radio Is the Best Way to Listen to…Comedy?

Pandora Radio iPhone app icon

Pandora Radio (free) is known as a music radio app with customizable stations that learn your tastes over time. But my favorite use for the app? To make me laugh. Pandora also features tracks from comedy albums and clips of […]


Google Maps Returns to iPhone, Now Available as Free Download in iTunes App Store

Google Maps icon

Google Maps (free) for the iPhone is now available to download in the App Store. Google Maps for iPhone brings back much-missed features like Street View and transit directions, as well as adding a few new tricks like voice turn-by-turn […]


3 Hidden Features of the iPhone Camera’s Panorama Mode

3 Hidden Features of the iPhone Camera's Panorama Mode

The panorama mode in the iPhone’s Camera app is easy to use, but it also has a few non-obvious “hidden” features. Below are 3 of these hidden features. 1. Reverse the Panorama’s Direction By Tapping the Arrow By default, the […]


Review: Otterbox Defender Case for iPhone 5 (With Video Review)

Otterbox Defender case for iPhone 5

The Otterbox Defender line of cases has made a name for itself by offering premium protection for past generations of the iPhone. The latest version, the Otterbox Defender for iPhone 5 ($20), follows the same tried-and-true formula as its predecessors: […]


Review: Incipio DualPro Case for iPhone 5

Incipio Dual Pro iPhone 5 Case

The Incipio DualPro case ($29) for iPhone 5 is a dual-layer case that combines an inner silicone sleeve with an outer hard-plastic polycarbonate shell to offer above-average protection. The DualPro would be an excellent case except for a small but […]


Tip: How to Easily Delete Accidentally Highlighted Text in iBooks (iPhone & iPad Tip)

iBooks icon

I love using iBooks to read books on the iPad & iPhone, but there is one feature that can be annoying: highlighting text. You see, iBooks lets you highlight text simply by dragging your finger over it. The problem is, […]


An iPhone Tip for Mac Owners: How to Import iPhone Photos Without Using iPhoto

Image Capture Mac App

When importing photos from my iPhone to the Mac, I’ve found the default method—using iPhoto—to be slow and clunky. There is a better solution, however. It’s called Image Capture, and it’s built right into the Mac. Image Capture is a […]


The 6 Best News Aggregation iPhone Apps

The 6 Best News Aggregation iPhone Apps

While single-source news apps like CNN and NYTimes are good, I personally like a lot of variety in my news. That’s why I use news apps that aggregate thousands of news sources and display what’s most interesting, entertaining, or important. […]

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