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A Really Obvious But Important Tip About the New Apple EarPods

Apple EarPods Right and Left earbuds

The new Apple EarPods sound so much better than the previous Apple earphones. The bass really is thumping. But there’s something obvious you need to do to get the best sound out of them: the left earbud goes in the […]


Tip: How to Allow Some Contacts to Ring the iPhone When Do Not Disturb Mode Is On

Do Not Disturb Mode for iPhone

The new Do Not Disturb mode is an incredibly useful feature for the iPhone that, when turned on, will silence all calls and notifications. With DND turned on, you won’t be suddenly awoken at night by an app’s notification or […]


Tip: How to Create a Group of Contacts As Exceptions for the iPhone’s Do Not Disturb Mode

How to Add to Favorites List on iPhone

When turned on, the useful new Do Not Disturb mode blocks all calls and notifications from ringing your iPhone, allowing you to sleep or work in peace. But you can also assign a special group of contacts as exceptions while […]


iPhone/iPad Tip: Notes From the Notes App Can Now Be Edited In a Browser on

iCloud apps in web browser

The Notes app on the iPhone & iPad just became a lot more useful thanks to a recept update to Now, notes created on the iPhone can be edited in a web browser on, and vice versa. With […]


Tip: Check Your iPhone 5 Verizon, AT&T, & Sprint Subsidized-Pricing Upgrade Eligibility, All In One Place

ATT Upgrade Fields at Apple

Apple’s iPhone Eligibility Tool is a handy all-in-one place to check if you’re eligible for subsidized “upgrade” pricing for the iPhone 5 from all of the big 3 carriers: Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. It’s fast and easy. Just select your […]


Tip: Use a Silent Ringtone to Silence Annoying Repeat Callers

Tip: Use a Silent Ringtone to Silence Annoying Repeat Callers

Do you want to ignore someone who is repeatedly calling you but don’t want to silence your entire iPhone for other potentially important calls? There’s a simple solution: assign a silent ringtone to the annoying caller. When that person calls, […]


iPhone Tip: Send Animated Gifs in Text Messages and Add Some Humor to Your Day

Funny Animated Gif

Here’s a neat trick involving animated gifs and the iPhone. If you send an animated gif via text message to another iPhone, the animation will be viewable right inside the Messages app. Suddenly seeing an animated photo where you usually […]


Tip: iPhone Music Mysteriously Skipping to a New Track? Turn Off Shake to Shuffle

Scroll down in iPhone Settings and Tap Music

While playing music, is your iPhone suddenly switching to a new track in mid song? Your iPhone isn’t broken, nor is there something wrong with your song. The skipping is mostly likely due to an annoying feature of the iPhone […]


Tip: How to Prevent the iPhone/iPad’s Screen from Automatically Turning Off

Tip: How to Prevent the iPhone/iPad's Screen from Automatically Turning Off

There may be times when you want the iPhone/iPad’s screen to remain on until you physically turn it off. To prevent the screen from auto shutting off, you must turn off the iPhone/iPad’s Auto-Lock feature (just remember to eventually turn […]


Tip: View a List of All Your iPhone Apps Sorted By Size

Tip: View a List of All Your iPhone Apps Sorted By Size

Here’s a tip that comes in handy when you need to clear up storage space on your iPhone. You can view a list of all your apps on your iPhone sorted by size in order to delete the largest ones […]

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